Kala U Bass ukulele

20 Nov 2010

Kala U Bass ukulele

Had a couple of questions as to what the ukulele is that Dave Pegg of Fairport Convention is playing in my post HERE

Well its by Kala and its called the U-Bass - thats right, Bass!  A Bass Ukulele - how cool is that?

Its basically a baritone ukulele with a piezo pickup, strengthened bass tuners (hipshots) and polyurethane strings - kind of rubbery.  Solid wood tops too.

They dont sound like ukes, they sound like a bass guitar - the reviews I have read have been very promising, and having seen Fairport play their ukes live, I saw Simon Nicol play one of these and it sounded great.  Dont think you get much sound from it unplugged, but what a great idea for playing in a band.

A really fat sound, and they also do a fretless version!


  1. For an interview with Fairport about their Ukulele playing listen to Stackridge's Lummy Days Podcast available free from here


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