Copyright madness

7 Nov 2010

Copyright madness

Followers may remember my post some weeks back about the shame of copyright lawyers cracking down on those folks who try to promote the uke. You can read that post again HERE

Anyway, I am compelled to post again as yet another decent bloke has been hit. I wont name names, but a follower of this blog and somebody I mutually follow on Twitter has been hit with a copyright crackdown from YouTube.

Its such a shame - he isnt posting songs for money, he isnt trying to impersonate the artists - his videos are done with passion and out of respect for the artist, and, of course, to promote the instrument. The happy offshoot is that this ALSO PROMOTES the artist and are likely to check out the original artist afterwards (are you listening music industry - you see, when passion is shown, hey, who knows, maybe people may buy MORE of the damn CD's because they have seen a video!!)

This is now getting ridiculous. Sad times indeed.


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