So, pray tell, what is your new ukulele?

5 Oct 2010

So, pray tell, what is your new ukulele?

Since posting the sad news that I am selling the Bruko, the reason is I pulled the trigger on another ukulele...

What is it, I hear you cry - well, its not a huge step up, but its a uke I've been after for a while, but just seems to have disappeared from UK stockists..

Its another uke from the Fluke company - and it is an actual Fluke - concert scale in natural finish.

I so love my Flea Uke as you will have read on here, but have always wanted the bigger brother.  They are such great ukes, and perfect for taking to gigs or just down the pub as they are pretty much bombproof.  I found a deal on a used on on ebay, and it should be here very soon.

Its gonna look like this one:

Obviously, full review to follow - but I just know its gonna be good.  They are brilliant instruments.


  1. It's a fine specimen.

    I've got a Brunswick which might not be sophisticated, but I love dearly, as well as a cheap, cheerful pink number that, by rights, should've been put in a bin some time ago- but I'm keeping as my 21st birthday cake was an exact replica of it.

  2. Your first uke, no matter what, should never be sold! My first was a particularly dodgy Mahalo uke and very cheap. It's now proudly kept in the bathroom for (ahem) "sitting down strumming".... hey, the room has great acoustics!

  3. I shall try and find a pic of the ukulele cake for you.


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