Quite Frankly, (Mr Shankly), Johnny Marr should be ashamed...

5 Oct 2010

Quite Frankly, (Mr Shankly), Johnny Marr should be ashamed...

I adore Johnny Marr, and I know he adores music, particularly in the folk tradition.  Well, Johnny, the folk tradition always nods its cap to those who impersonate, those who take music and make it there own, and those who are prepared to see the funny side.  This next story though is sad.. (courtesy of www.chortle.co.uk)

Harry Hill has been forced to drop a parody Smiths medley from his new album after guitarist Johnny Marr refused to give permission.
The TV Burp comic had recorded versions of the Smiths greatest hits in the ukulele style of George Formby as a hidden track on the forthcoming Funny Tunes. It was even advertised in the track listing.
But now, just over four weeks before release, the track – which mixed Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, Girlfriend In A Coma and Panic – has had to be dropped.
Hill has previously been hit by problems with the CD’s title. The Beatles’ label Apple Records refused to allow him to call it Sgt Pepper's Vol 2., and Pink Floyd said no to Bright Side Of The Moon.

Read more: http://www.chortle.co.uk/news/2010/10/05/11869/that_joke_isnt_funny_anymore#ixzz11W3zsfpM

Shame on you Johnny


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