New Mainland plastic backed beginner ukulele

27 Oct 2010

New Mainland plastic backed beginner ukulele

As much as I already love Mainland ukuleles to bits, they have impressed me yet again.

Clearly taking a nod from the success of the Makala Dolphin ukes, Mainland have released a range of plastic backed beginner ukes at the very reasonable price of $79.50

The range starts with a rather girly looking set of pastel coloured ukes called the Gecko

Mainland gecko ukulele
Mainland Gecko

Next comes a Reggae / Jamaican styled gecko uke

mainland reggae ukulele
Mainland Reggae ukulele

And finally, my favourite, the Chilli Pepper uke

mainland chilli ukulele
Mainland Chilli Pepper uke

They are laminate spruce top ukes with rosewood fingerboards and ABS plastic backs like the Dolphins, Fleas and Fluke ukuleles.

I am longing to play one, and have fingers firmly crossed that Mike at Mainland can get them into UK stockists

Full details can be found here CLICK


  1. I may be the first owner, so I'll say that I played my Mainland Chili uke last night for the first time and it's a great playing uke. I've never owned a Dolphin, although I've played a few. The Mainland plastic backed uke is the easiest playing uke out of my four sopranos. It's fun, and it's super glossy. Mike made a good call using black tuner buttons on it too.


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