Belated uke gig blog report

11 Oct 2010

Belated uke gig blog report

Played impromptu session again last night at our local hostelry. Well, I can honestly say, winter is on its way - we played outside and by the time the sun went down the fingers were not working too well!

Last night we did something slightly different and had one guitar and two ukes - that meant for a lot of stuff the guitar had to quieten down (and play picking), but equally for some of the faster stuff we had to thrash the ukes within an inch of their lives! (ukes were the fluke and a flea by the way)

Anyway, for inspiration purposes, I list below some of the songs we went with. Some we had never even thought of playing before and were just accompaniment for the guitar - worked well though!

Ring Of Fire
Proud Mary
When I'm Cleaning Windows (oh the shame... just kidding!)
Oh Lord wont you Buy Me a Mercedes Benz
Get Rhythm
You Got A Friend In Me
Under African Skies
Georgia On My Mind
Knocking On Heavens Door
Pennies From Heaven
Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
I Wanna Be Like You

Fun had by all, even the chap who said "hang on, those strings are nylon!"... erm yes? "oh I've never seen nylon strings on a mandolin before"......

That comment only surpassed a little later by the mother explaining to her daughter that we were playing banjos.

Ho hum!


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