Ukulele Tabs iPhone app - REVIEW

7 Sept 2010

Ukulele Tabs iPhone app - REVIEW

What a marvellous new app from the marvellous Ukulele Tabs website.

I spotted this app by chance in the app store, and noting it was FREE (yep, free!) I gave it a whirl.

I think its absolutely top notch! Read on

This app basically brings you the Ukulele Tabs website, and all of its many tabbed songs onto your iphone for using out and about.

On starting the application you are greeted with this page which shows you the monthly top viewed tabs, and an option to switch to the overall top tabs.

ukulele appAcross the bottom of the screen are other navigation options, to Browse (via an alphanumeric menu), to Search (by keyword, by song or band) and something called downloads - this is a very handy button - when you are online, you can choose to "save" a tab you have found, and will then appear in the downloads section when you are offline. Brilliant for cost saving, or if you are an ipod touch user.

ukulele appThere is a massive range of songs on offer, as you will well know if you use the Ukulele Tabs website as I do. The very best thing though is the way the songs are presented. You get an image of all the chords used in the song along the top of the screen and the words below that you can scroll through. But see that little "PLAY" button and slider - click that and the words start to scroll upwards - adjust the slider to time the scroll in time with your playing and hey presto, even the longest song will scroll automatically for you - no fumbling for "next page". What a great feature.

ukulele app
Sadly, my only gripe is the gripe I still have with Uke Tabs, and its not remotely their fault. They were threatened with legal action recently for copyright infringement in publishing lyrics, and in an amazing show of support from members, all songs were re-typed with XXXX in place of many of the words. Now, this is fine if you know the words to a song, but not very helpful if you dont. As I say, this aint their fault, but it is worth noting.

That said - its a great, polished little app that works brilliantly. I am now wondering why I need visit the website!

Top marks - if you are interested - the app is available from - HERE


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