Ukulele fretboard roadmap

7 Sept 2010

Ukulele fretboard roadmap

Following a couple of requests, I can provide the following - a map of all notes on the uke neck in various tunings.

Choose your preferred tuning and away you go! (Yes, yes, I KNOW there are other tunings.. but honestly... where do you want me to stop?). The labels at the top of each diagram are the tuning names, and also the notes of the four strings played open. Convention is actually that the tuning is named after the note on the third string open, to GCEA is 'C Tuning', DGBE is 'G Tuning' and ADF#B is 'D Tuning'.

You will also note that by looking at them the sequence of notes all repeat in the same way no matter what the tuning. This is because each of these standard tunings only differ in the notes they are tuned to at the nut, but the relationship between the notes is the same in each case. You could therefore also use these diagrams to work out what notes would follow if you went to a different tuning in the same relationship. For example, if you tuned your ukulele to F tuning (CFAD) - simply find a CFAD on any of the diagrams below and assume that is the nut position. You then know that one fret up from the nut you would get C#,F#,Bb,D# and so on. So long as the strings are tuned in the same relationship to each other, this will work for any ukulele tuning.

(To print - simply right click and either save the file or open in a new window or tab to get the big version - then print from there!)

ukulele fretboard roadmap


  1. Very useful. I will print it out tomorrow and display on the wall where I practice Many thanks

  2. Thank you so much for these!


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