Ukuchords App review

30 Sept 2010

Ukuchords App review

I really like it when a product does exactly what it says on the tin. I also like it when that same product costs me nothing at all - nada, zilch.

Say hello to Ukuchords - the App for iPhone, iPod Touch and (I presume) iPad.

ukuchords screenshot

And yes, it does do what it says on the tin - this is a free (YES FREE) download from the Apple App store for ukulele players - its an interactive chord reference for standard tuning.

It works brilliantly - you select your root chord name from the wheel on the right, and up pops a nice clear finger position diagram for the chord at the top.

Spin the wheel in the middle and you can scroll through major, minor, 7th, dim, aug, (and many others) and the chord diagram at the top automatically adjusts.

Scroll the third wheel (this is the one I really like) and it shows you alternate fingerings, and the same chord at different places, or barres, down the neck.

Its that simple, its that free, its genius.

Shortcomings - ok, I suppose there are some - it doesnt have every chord under the sun in here (but most you will need ever (and more) as a beginner), and it only applies to standard GCEA tuned ukes... but its a freebie and a freebie that I dont think any uke playing owner of the Apple devices should be without.

KISS was an old Brit war motto (Keep It Simple Stupid).  This does that a treat. Highly recommended.

Download it here


  1. Apparently it was too good to be true, it's no longer available in the app store.


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