Techy way of taking your ukulele tabs with you

29 Sept 2010

Techy way of taking your ukulele tabs with you

Hi folks, sorry been away for a while so no updates.

In that time though I got myself a new toy - one of these

Click Here

So... So what.... Why are you posting that here, you may ask.

Well, this little box of tricks is an ereader, for books and magazines, but also has another cool feature.  You can display word documents or pdf files on it.

Hmmmm... what does a ukulele nut think of that - <>  I wonder...

Yes, put your tabs and chords on it!  I tried it, put some songs on we are still working on (and for which I keep forgetting chords or lyrics or both) to take along to our last jam session.  Came in very handy and very clear to read because you can zoom and bump the fonts up.

Coolest of all, the device has its own email address, so you just email the files to it - no wires!

Will try to get some pics of tabs running on it soon.  You do need to take some care to keep formatting and its best to get the tab fitting the dimensions of the Kindle screen then printing to pdf - but it does work really well.  Also has plenty of storage space on it, so I could probably put all my tabs on it (hundreds) easily!


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