Latest ukulele jam - a convert!

19 Sept 2010

Latest ukulele jam - a convert!

Just completed our latest (short -2hrs ish) ukulele jam at local pub. Lots of fun. A bit of Hank Williams, bit of Paul Simon, plus others and some traditional folkie stuff.

Anyway, reason for post was a good friend was there who I usually play guitar with. A few weeks ago I was talking to him and mentioned I play ukulele and his response was, "you're joking? Waste of a good practice session...."

So in we walked and he scoffed again. We deliberately opened with a couple of tunes he likes on guitar and he was soon singing along. Next he asks for a play (and being an accomplished guitarist he picked it up immediately). The result is he is now looking to buy one.

Ukulele's do that to people. The idea sounds silly but the reality is addictive and lots of fun!

A convert!


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