Blimey! I am on a roll - Another new Uke.... kinda

29 Jul 2010

Blimey! I am on a roll - Another new Uke.... kinda

Another new Uke?  really?

Well, kind of.

You will have read my posts on here about how great I think the Makala Dolphin plastic back ukes are - great sounding beater uke when loaded with Aquila strings - tough, and only £25!! (honestly folks, ignore ANYTHING ELSE IN THIS PRICE BRACKET... nothing cuts it for the money like a Dolphin)

Anyway, I bought a red one and I love it. I also have  a 9 month daughter who is mesmerised when I play my uke.  I therefore figured, what the heck - I wont let her touch my expensive ukes, but she can play with the dolphin - it was only £25....  Anyway, she likes it so much, that if I leave it on floor with her toys, thats what she goes to pick up more than anything else.  She explores it, tweaks the tuners, and importantly plucks those strings!  Admittedly, she also turns it over on her lap and bangs the back like a drum, but hey, that is all good too!

So.... I couldnt resist - found Bonsai Guitars website who stock a massive range of colours in the plastic back range - and ordered her very own purple model.  (never uses Bonsai before -so fingers crossed.  Limited range, but lots of Kala and Makalas available plus accessories - plus Paypal checkout available and for limited time, free delivery!!!)

Sure she cant play it, sure, I may be mad - but its going to live in her toy box, and who knows how soon she will start to figure it out.  She loves the sound it makes, and her face lights up when she catches the strings with a good wallop and they ring out.

Call me mad if you like, but couldnt resist for the price.!


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