Ukulele rememberance

21 Jun 2010

Ukulele rememberance

Sad and happy day today in equal measure.

A couple of weeks ago, we learned of the death of a friend of ours who drank in our local, and played harmonica with us when we had guitar jams.  He was a real character, and really wanted to get into the ukulele.

He had one, but couldn't quite master it, or didnt have confidence to play in public - anyway, as life goes, we talked and talked about ukes, about going to the local uke club together, about having a jam, but we never got around to it.. sadly now he's gone and a far too early age.

Funeral was today, and was hugely attended (a testament to what a great bloke he was).  His ukulele passion even got a mention from the vicar.  Friend and I had brought our ukes, and at the reception with his friends, we did a short impromptu session in his memory which he would have liked, and the family loved.  Difficult to pick songs at a funeral, but Dream A Little Dream Of Me, and I'll See You In My Dreams seemed appropriate.  Bit of Johnny Cash too, and some seafaring songs in memory of his Merchant Navy days.

Then down to a pub he used to like for a more relaxed drink and a jam in his honour.

A sad day, but we remembered him well - just sad we never actually got to play ukes together.

Cheers Derek.  RIP.  Though the days are long, twilight sings his song, of the happiness that used to be...


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