Ukulele for a good cause - nice one

5 Jun 2010

Ukulele for a good cause - nice one

Ukulele club to entertain Norwich shoppers for cancer mum

03 June 2010
Shoppers in Norwich will be treated to some unusual busking this weekend as the city's ukulele society aims to raise money for a Norfolk mum desperate to beat cancer.

Natalie Cox flew to the United States last month in a last ditch attempt to find a cure for the disease which is killing her - but has no idea how long she will have to stay or much it will cost.

On Saturday, a group of ukulele-loving musicians will take to the streets to raise funds for Team Natalie.

Gemma Cullingford, founder of the Norwich Ukulele Society, was in a band called Kaito with Natalie's husband David Quantrill until about four years ago. When the husband and wife met during a tour of America, Natalie became the band's tour manager.

Ms Cullingford said she was keen to show her support as soon as she heard about Natalie's condition - a cancer of the blood cells which UK doctors say is incurable.

The ukulele teacher said: “She is such a strong woman, one of the strongest women I know. She's got such a great attitude.

“It will be good to raise awareness and hopefully Natalie will see some more support as a result.”

As reported previously in the EDP, Natalie left her home in North Walsham in May to fly to the Centre for the Study of Natural Oncology, in San Diego, with husband David Quantrill and their son Dillon for treatment.

The mother-of-one, who has tumours in her liver, skin, chest wall and spleen, is keeping an online blog charting her ups and downs and is determined to beat the odds. In her latest blog entry she said: “It's hard not to feel cranky and scared and I am tired all the time.”

On Saturday, a band of ukulele players on London Street, in Norwich, is likely to be an unusual sight for the city's shoppers.

Society member Clara Gauntlett said: “There will be quite a few of us, so hopefully we will get a bit of attention. It's such a lovely sound and, when there are a few of us, that sound will travel. It's a jolly, uplifting sound. If you hear a ukulele, you can't help smiling.”

The group, which already has 40 members just six months after they formed, has been building a repertoire of songs which covers artists including Johnny Cash, Kylie Minogue and The Clash.

They will begin at 11.30am in front of Habitat, but may move on later.

Read Natalie's blog at


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