iphone Uke apps

15 Apr 2010

iphone Uke apps

There seem to be quite a few apps in the app store for ukers - but presume a lot of them do the same thing - ie tuners and chord guides.

Can I suggest you take a look at Guitar Toolkit though (sadly, one you pay for) - I use it and i love it!

Works for a variety of stringed instruments, not just guitar, and of course, ukulele. I do play guitar too so this works for me.

has metronome, tuner, chord libraries, chord finder, scales - you name it!


For something completely different, I am now trying My Songbook app on the iphone - very cheap app, that connects with Chordie and the like to save songs and chords to your phone. Handy (I think) though the small screen is a bit of an issue if you are planning to play along to it.

Not sure yet...


  1. basichords and tun-dfree are both free applications that work well for ukes and other stringed instruments =)


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