Great music shop

22 Apr 2010

Great music shop

I've already given a run down of shops I like - and as you will see, I refuse to pull punches.

Where a shop is decent though, I think it is only fair that they get support. I seriously dislike the large music shop websites - you know the sort - where you call an 0800 number, speak to somebody who cant play a paper and comb, let alone the guitar you are buying for several hundred pounds... they are booking your instrument on a computer screen, and despatching it from a warehouse... ugh!

if you are buying stringed instruments, you really want to try and get a personal service - a shop that will give the instrument a once over - a shop where you can speak to somebody who UNDERSTANDS instruments!

Anyway, getting to the point - I was delighted with my service from Highly Strung in Wantage when getting my new uke - they have kindly namechecked my blog and me on the listing for that same instrument - so its only fair that I name check them back!

Highly Strung website

I've had a few people telling me they fancy one of these - you could do a lot worse than going to Highly Strung

Cheers Nigel!


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