Another one on the way.......

24 Apr 2010

Another one on the way.......

Well, whilst it is not as if I need another uke, I have been waiting for the budget Makala brand to start shipping their new model dolphin ukes into the uk

The dolphins are cheap and cheerful starter ukes, pretty well made, made of plywood or something.  BUT...., they have started making the bodies (back and sides) now from molded plastic.  Not only does this make them more resilient, it has given them a sound all of their own.

Slap some aquilas on and you have a superb travelling uke to throw in the back of the car!

Its one of these...(in red), again thanks to the fine folks at Highly Strung.

Makala 'Dolphin' Soprano Ukulele


  1. I take it you've already got yours then? I'm looking at keeping one in the car myself, may order a Dolphin just for that purpose.

  2. mine arrives monday (hopefully)

    full review to follow - but seems to me a perfect beater uke

  3. I'll wait for your review, but I'm hovering over the "buy" button!

  4. hey dude, it's sunday - worth waiting for my review really, but then, all I read says that for the money, these things are the perfect cheap uke.

    At home, I mainly play a £160 instrument, so it seems odd to be buying a £25 one, but, its horses for courses.

    I know this may need a bit of tweaking to set up, and I plan to change strings immediately. Are you in UK?


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