Ukulele beginners tips - All things pegs

19 Apr 2010

Ukulele beginners tips - All things pegs

Pretty important things pegs, tuning pegs that is, they hold what is probably the most important end of the string.

If you are starting out with ukes you may get confused on the two most common types of tuners and which is best. Just thought I'd post my thoughts

The two types of tuner you are likely to see are friction tuners, and geared tuners. Friction tuners, as their name suggests are tightened, and the friction of their contact into the housing keeps them still. Geared tuners are like those on a guitar, and the peg is a gear which turns another gear connected to the tuning post.

Frictions certainly look the part and have an old fashioned look that I think suits the uke. They do take getting used to though as the lack of gearing means the turns move the posts directly and in large movements! ( unless we are talking planetary tuners , but let's not complicate things....)

Geared are 'generally' trouble free but unless nicely styled can look out of place on a small uke or are too heavy ( beware cheap ukes using guitar tuners - too big, too heavy, makes uke look like mickey mouse!)

You will read in forums that some people can't abide one or the other. I have a different view. I think both types are great so long as you consider the cost. In my experience, very cheap ukes with friction pegs, tend to have pegs that are nothing but trouble. Geared tuners on a cheap uke way well work better ( but beware , there are bad geared tuners too!)

But if you buy a good beginner instrument, like a makala, or lanikai, you should be ok whatever they are. But do try both! My collection has some of each!

Oh, and even the best frictions can slip- just tighten them till they bite with a screwdriver!


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