New Bruko!

26 Nov 2009

New Bruko!

My latest acquistion - handmade, solid wood Uke from Germany - the Bruko No.6. Really like the looks, very bright sound - dont see many of these about!


Since posting this, have actually sold this uke - too many ukes not getting played, so off to the great ebay in the sky! - allowed funds to go towards the newest acquistion - yes, yes, I know that is self defeating and makes no sense, but what have you gotta do?....



  1. Was there anything wrong with it in your opinion. I am interested in getting a Bruko.

  2. Nothing at all wrong with it - fun little uke - handmade, all solid wood for an amazing price.

    Some say it is a little bright sounding - certainly is a "different" sound, but nothing wrong with it, and improved with aquilas.


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