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31 Jan 2016

Turns Out There IS A Ukulele Rule Book After All...

Regular Got A Ukulele readers will know that I like to rally against those who set rules for other players - you know the sort of thing... 'Don't use straps, don't use picks, you must play it this way or that way...' and so on..

I tend to then ask whether there is a magical ukulele rule book in existence that supports these things. I mean - people repeat them SO vehemently you would think that they must be enshrined in ancient texts.... I have searched everywhere, but drawn a blank..

Then, lo and behold, a kind reader appears to have a found a copy for me... It actually exists!!

(Provider of link is not being named for fear of certain ukulele players likely to attack him with pitchforks and fire.) And, naturally, I am merely sharing the news of this find... the views contained in the rule book do not necessarily reflect the views of Got A Ukulele... ;-)


  1. If it is signed 'The Illuminati' then shouldn't there be more than one X as this is a plural? I begin to smell a rat! ;-)

  2. Anyone flounting these rule will be taken to Summer Isle and burnt to death in a huge Wicker Ukulele where Britt Ekland will dance in the nip.

  3. Should any person determine to break said rules they shall be taken to a place of indeterminate pasture and raised by the left nipple to a height of grurmpht feet then dropped onto a lighted branch of koa wood until it be known by the smell of the sound hole(?)similar to a Martin and ONLY a Martin ukulele. Other than this their spindleplankctph shall be tormented without pause while they dance the macarbre feat of glarth - forever!!! So be it known to all!!!

  4. Must be authentic it's been typed on one of those typing machine thingys, only... I didn't know this Barry Maz was so old... born 1879, 137 years old in 2016 year of our Lord.

  5. That would make a great Monty Python skit.

  6. By sheer coincidence, the document was signed on the same day the SS Ravenscrag landed in Honolulu. Spooky or what?

  7. Is this available in a framed copy, or do I have to frame it myself?


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