How To Tell If A Ukulele Is Solid or Laminate - Beginners Tips

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22 Nov 2015

How To Tell If A Ukulele Is Solid or Laminate - Beginners Tips

Something I am seeing a lot of these days is ukulele manufacturers being economical or misleading with their product descriptions.

The use of terms like 'all mahogany' as a means to give the impression that an instrument is made from solid wood annoys be greatly - so how can you check what you have?


  1. Very useful post, I always knew my Uke has a solid top and laminate back and sides. Although it's nice to know there are various ways to check.

  2. really good! overdue someone put this out! i wish i would' ve seen this 5 years ago when it took me hours and hours of research to figure all of that out all by myself… "economical description"… yeah, right… i certainly would rather go w/ the "MISLEADING" here.


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