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21 May 2015

Zahra Lowzley - Ukulele Cycle Tour Of Britain

It's nice when you see someone going an extra mile for a charitable cause. And in this case, Zahra Lowzley is going more than a mile. 1000 of them in fact!

Sam Wise who is helping her organise her tour writes:

"Anyone who is paying attention in the world of the ukulele has come across Zahra Lowzley; with her blend of electrifying technique and an unusual worldview, you don’t forget her quickly! 

Zahra is organising a tour in support of Ukulele Kids Club, which she plans to complete by bicycle, but bookings for this extraordinary endeavour are proving tricky. If you know of a venue who would like their customers’ heads taken off by Zahra’s ukulele prowess, then take a look at her schedule  below. She would be delighted to find bookings for most of the towns she is calling at."

I first saw Zahra perform at a festival I organised and she completely blew the audience away - take a look at the video below to see what I mean.

The cycle tour takes in all sorts of places - have a look at the dates - and she is getting to all of these with uke, amplifier and all gear by bike!!


4th: EDINBURGH - Home City
5th: Peebles
6th: Moffat
7th: Carlisle Ukulele Club
8th: Penrith
9th: Keswick Derwent Bridge + Marketplace
10th: Workington
11th: Seascale
12th: Ulverston
13th: Morecambe Ukulele Club + Burneside Ukulele Gala
14th: Lancaster Ukulele Club
15th: Blackpool Ukulele Club
16th: Wigan Chonkin Choonsday
17th: Macclesfield or Stockport (to confim)
18th: Stafford
19th: Birmingham
20th: Cheltenham Ukulele Festival of Great Britain  22nd: Oxfordshire 23rd: Kingsclere Hampshire 25th: Southhampton
30th: Lichfield "go ukulele crazy" Event

1st: Stoke on Trent
2nd: Nantwich Open Mic
3rd: Wirral Summer Strum Festival
6th: Merseyside
9th: Burscough Lancashire - Th wharf

1st - 30th - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

For more details visit - and for details of the fabulous charity she is working for - visit


  1. Fabulous Zahra was performing at India place during the fringe absolutely blew me away


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