Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain - Flat Foot Floogie

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25 Feb 2015

Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain - Flat Foot Floogie

Ok, so this old uke vid has done the rounds on more than one occasion, but I was reminded of it again recently - figured it needed revisiting. A VERY early Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain from way back when in 1989!

Filmed at a Ukulele Society Of Great Britain meet at Digswell, it features early UOGB members such as Jo Brindley, Andy Astle and uke luthier Marshall Stapleton, but also current members George Hinchcliffe and Kitty Lux too.  I think it's an absolute delight and a nice look back at the early beginnings of this much loved group.

Enjoy. (and you thought the current popularity of the uke is a recent thing??)



  1. We saw them in Davis last month - wonderful performance - so entertaining. Thanks for posting these clips.


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