Ukulele News 7 April 2013

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7 Apr 2013

Ukulele News 7 April 2013

A little late today, but here is this weeks roundup of ukulele news from around the globe. Beware, I am tired, so I may be a little grumpy...

No no no, Brittni Paiva doesn't make me grumpy....


The 'happy go lucky pip squeak' - ok, I am getting mildly grumpy now... (And dont get me started on the other stuff .... 'the smallest and least expensive'... erm... not in my collection..)


Mildly grumpy, we move on... a primer for ukulele fans from the LA Times.... ( I am biting my lip)


Welcome relief - always happy to plug a UOGB gig..


Go on, have another - But, plucked from obscurity?...


OK, now I'm grumpy..... Apparently, the ukulele is back... who knew? What have I been playing for years?


Calm down Baz, let's focus on the positive - ukulele teaching


More next week... Yours, Grumpy McGrump.....


  1. Here's one more: Two weeks back, I hosted three uke players (plus me) for an hour of live music on my radio show in Alabama in the US. Enjoy:




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