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23 Jun 2012

If I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate - CHORDS

This is a tune that has become something of a favourite in a host of ukulele clubs. If you look around you will also find a host of versions of the lyrics too. The Bridgnorth Strummers came to join us recently and version below is the one they suggested, and the one I usually play - as sung by the Ditty Bops and Madeleine Peyroux

The chord changes are quick, and will take a bit of practive but it's worth it. I have included a Soundcloud link to a very slow version of the chord sequence in the chorus and introduction to give you an idea how it should sound. The verses are easy and are just D7 to G to D7 to G.

The chords in the intro are as follows

C6 = 0000
C#dim - 0101
G6 = 0202
E7 = 1202
Aadd9 = 0102
'D7' = 2020 (an alternate D7 sometimes called the Hawaiian D7 which isn't actually a D7 at all..!)

NOTE - the D7 in the verses is a standard 2223 barre chord, but for the intro sequence at the beginning and on the "might be late" bits, use the 'Hawaiian' D7 2020! - just makes the chord change easier.


[C6] [C#dim] [G6] [E7] [Aadd9] [D7] [G]
[E7] [Aadd9] [D7] [G]


[D7] If I could shake it like my sister Kate
[G] Shake it like a bowl of jelly on a plate
[D7]My momma wanted to know last night
How [G]sister Kate could do it oh so nice..

[D7] Now all the boys in the neighbourhood
[G]Kate could shimmy and it's mighty good Now

It [C6] may be [C#dim] late but I'll be [G6] up to [E7]date
When I can [Aadd9] shimmy like my [D7]sister [G]Kate
Oh [E7]yeah, [Aadd9]shake it like my [D7]sister [G]Kate


[D7]If I could shimmy like my sister Kate
[G]I'd never stay home, stay out too late
[D7]I'd get myself about as high as a kite
[G]You know I'd do it for you every night

Now [D7] all the boys in the neighbourhood
[G] Katie could shimmy and it's mighty good  Now

I [C6] may be [C#dim] late but I'll be [G6] up to [E7] date
When I can [Aadd9] shimmy like my [D7]sister [G] Kate
Oh [E7] yeah, [Aadd9] shake it like my [D7}sister [G]Kate

Repeat verse 1, then end with the INTRO riff

Have fun!

Sound sample


  1. It's actually an Aadd9 without the G string. Works though.

  2. It's also A9, because the second string provides the G, but you've removed the E instead of the A.

    An add9 chord is 1359.
    A 9 chord is 135b79, so you have to remove a note, and it's usually the tonic, but it can also be the 5. So Aadd9 is just AC#EB, 1359, e.g. 2102.

  3. I'm just grateful it is here....just love the song. If you have put in the effort to have it on this site it's a shame that people pick at minor little problems with it. If you are a uke player just work it out.

  4. Thanks for posting that Barry much appreciated.. Colette


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