Ukulele Anthem cover gets the attention of AFP!

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10 Apr 2012

Ukulele Anthem cover gets the attention of AFP!

I love this story!  Over on Ukulele Underground, one of the forum regulars, CountryMouse alerted us to the fact that she put up a cover of the Amanda Palmer track 'Ukulele Anthem' on YouTube. Nothing unusual in that, but Amanda Palmer herself spots it and Tweets it to her HALF A MILLION fans on Twitter!

I think it's so cool, and would urge you to click LIKE and check out her other videos too!


  1. I think this woman is AWESOME!

    This is EXACTLY what Amanda Palmer is talking about and some people seem to miss: you don't have to be 'perfect' or a 'musician' to play a ukulele, sing and ENJOY yourself!

    How much FUN does this woman look like she's having?! I think a LOT! :D

    Thanks for sharing! I commented on her YouTube, too. Might just spur me into recording myself - and letting other people hear me (a huge fear for me has always been singing around others, though I love to sing...).

    Uke <3


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