Johnny Cash - I Got Stripes - Chords

Many thanks to my ukulele jam friend Mike for getting us playing this one. It's a perfect song for a beginner as it only has two (yes, two, count them) chords - Johnny Cash - I Got Stripes.

(Video at the end if you don't know the song)

These chords are in the correct key for the Cash version, though we play it for a slightly higher voice! - Simply swap the D for a C and the A chord for a G.

On a (D) Monday, I was (A)arrested.
On a Tuesday, they locked me in the (D) jail.
On a Wednesday, my trial was (A)attested.
On a Thursday they said guilty and the judge's gavel (D)fell.

I got stripes, stripes around my (A) shoulders.
I got chains,chains around my (D) feet.
I got stripes, stripes around my (A) shoulders,
and them chains them chains are about to drag me (D)down.

On a Monday, I got my stripy britches,
On a Tuesday, got my ball and chain.
On a Wednesday, I'm workin diggin' ditches,
On a Thursday, Lord I'd begged them not to knock me down again


On a Monday, my mama come to see me.
On a Tuesday, they caught me with a file.
On a Wednesday, I'm down in solitary. 
On a Thursday, Lord I start on bread and water for a while.



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