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21 Jun 2011

Ukulele Poll - RESULTS - What type of player are you?

In my last Got A Ukulele poll, I asked you what type of ukulele player you were.  The poll has closed and the results are in!

There were a massive 427 votes, and the voting went like this.

Never played a uke, not interested - 2 (0%)
Thinking about buying first uke - 73 (17%)
Beginner with a starter uke - 198 (46%)
Beginner wanting to upgrade - 96 - (22%)
Advanced Player - 58 (13%)

The results are immensely helpful to me, and I would like to think that I have the balance of content right on the site (if not - do shout!)

My readers are mainly beginners who have just started, but I have a good readership of those not yet with a uke and considering one, and those who have a beginner uke and want to upgrade.  Of course, it is also great to read that I have some advanced uke player readers!

Thanks again!



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