Competition reminder! Win a ukulele strap!

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18 Apr 2011

Competition reminder! Win a ukulele strap!

I'm conscious that for many it has been half term holiday time, so would hate for you to have missed my latest competition to win a superb strap from the fabulous, and highly regarded Ukestar Straps

You can find the competition on this Competition page and I hope you like the rules - just post on that thread your three favourite uke songs to play - the list is already growing and growing and I hope is providing much needed inspiration for new ukulele players.

Oh, and I just realised, whilst I cant enter myself, I havent told you my free favourite songs to play on the ukulele!

1. Five Foot Two
2. Maggie Mae - Rod Stewart
3. Watching The Detectives - Elvis Costello

What are yours!?  But make sure you put your comments on the competition page to be valid!! NOT This page!

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