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12 Feb 2011

Got A Ukulele blog - on Amazon Kindle

Do you have a Kindle? Want to get the Got A Ukulele blog delivered to your device wirelessly when it updates?  Then take a look at the Kindle store!

The blog is now available on subscription on the Amazon sites. Personally, I think the sub should be free, but Amazon don't allow that. Saying that, I have quite a few subscribers now, so it seems to work - presumably for people on holiday or without regular access to a PC. Besides, there is a free trial option, so you can always give it a go.

For Kindle users on the US site, you can find the blog here GOT A UKULELE FOR KINDLE - US Store

If you are in the UK, you will find it here - GOT A UKULELE FOR KINDLE - UK Store

Keep strumming!


  1. just wanna comment on this one that its really well written and I enjoyed reading this


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