17 Jan 2011

Dock Of The Bay - Ukulele chords

One of my all time favourite songs, and one of my favourites to play on the ukulele

I also get the impression that dear old Otis would have seen the funny side and appreciated hearing this on the uke

(lyrics provided strictly for educational purposes only!)

Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding

[G]Sittin' in the mornin' [B]sun
I'll be [C]sittin' when the evenin' [A]come
[G]Watching the ships roll [B]in
And then I [C]watch 'em roll away a[A]gain

I'm [G]sittin' on the dock of the [A]bay
Watching the [G]tide roll a[E7]way
I'm just [G]sittin' on the dock of the [A]bay
Wastin' [G]time [E7]

I [G]left my home in [B]Georgia
[C]Headed for the 'Frisco [A]bay
'Cause [G]I've had nothing to [B]live for
And looks like [C]nothin's gonna come my [A]way

So I'm just gonna [G]sit on the dock of the [A]bay
Watching the [G]tide roll a[E7]way
I'm [G]sittin' on the dock of the [A]bay
Wastin' [G]time [E7]

[G]Look [D]like [C]nothing's gonna change
[G]Every[D]thing [C]still remains the same
[G]I can't [D]do what [C]ten people tell me to do
[F]So I guess I'll re[D]main the same

[G]Sittin' here resting my [B]bones
And this [C]loneliness won't leave me a[A]lone
It's [G]two thousand miles I [B]roamed
Just to [C]make this dock my [A]home

Now I'm just gonna [G]sit at the dock of the [A]bay
Watching the [G]tide roll a[E7]way
[G]Sittin' on the dock of the [A]bay
Wastin' [G]time [E7]


  1. What's the strumming pattern on this please Bazmaz ?

    Thanks :)

  2. I'm not a big one for strumming patterns, as I think they are far too prescriptive. Just play it in a laid back down down-up down down lazy style!

  3. I like doing it as down, scrape, up, up, scrape, up


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