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9 Dec 2010


Hi folks - well the very wonderful Google and Blogger seem to be making the whole commenting and following thing rather difficult - you see its possible to follow in one name, then when in same account posting a comment, leave a message in another!

You will appreciate, that when I draw the winner - for confidentiality purposes, I will make contact through the follower system.  If you win and you are, say "Bob", but your follower name is "Bill", I need to be able to connect the two of you up!

Therefore - please note the following:

The winner, when chosen, will be announced on this blog and on the Ukulele Underground Forum.  I will then need the winner to comment on the notification with a pointer to their follower name so I can contact you privately to obtain shipping details.  PLEASE PLEASE DONT POST SHIPPING DETAILS AS A COMMENT FOR YOUR OWN SAKE!

Hope that makes things clearer - have amended the rules on the competition page HERE

Good luck Ukulele fans!


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