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8 Nov 2010

Steve Marriott - Humble Pie - Say No More on Ukulele

This is just glorious - the genius that was Steve Marriott on uke - looks like a tenor or baritone with doubled up strings on the first and third strings (still a uke though)

How nice is this?


  1. Gorgeous song....fantastic voice. Don't know anything about how a uke should sound...only what I think sounds good/great - and this is it. Wish I could have found more than one performance of Steve Marriott performing this song on YouTube...but happy that someone posted this one. What a talent, he was such a treasure...

  2. This is great Barry. Thanks for posting. Depending on your age there are "arguably" a handful of golden rock voices and in there is Paul Rodgers and the wonderful Steve Marriott. There is a superb YouTube video of Steve Marriott singing "Black Coffee" live on the Old Grey Whistle Test. A must see. Thanks again Barry - keep up the good work and nice surprises like this one.

  3. I thought Ukeleles had 4 strings

  4. Most do, but not all. You can get 5 strings, 6 strings and 8 strings too.

  5. On this one - it still has four courses, but the 1st and 3rd strings are doubled up


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