New Toy arrived - Ozark 2035 banjolele!

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16 Apr 2010

New Toy arrived - Ozark 2035 banjolele!

Very pleased with new toy which arrived today from the good people at Highly Strung. Its an entry level, but nice looking banjolele.

Its finished in a stained brown, with very nice looking aged brass effect parts. Geared open back tuners with cream knobs. Remo weatherking head, bound neck, 18 frets, and removeable simple resonator back.

I love it, and the sound is just what I was hoping for - that twangy sound that makes my uke versions of irish and folk songs sound that bit better.

It arrived with some terrible nylon strings, which I immediately swapped for aquilas. Problem I think with the slot at bridge end for the 1st (A) string - being made of metal, I think it is nicking the strings under tension - and they snapped twice, at that spot on tuning. I think I need to take a file to it, or wrap some electrical tape around that end of the string. Not a big issue.

Aquilas have made a big big difference - sound is thicker and definitely louder.

I'll post some more thoughts on this baby as time goes on - but very pleased with it. Oh, and it came with a very nice zippered padded Ozark gig bag too!


  1. Hi. I´ve got this model of banjo uke, but I don´t know how to change the strings. Could you tell me how can I change the strings of this model? Thanks

  2. Juancho - pretty straightforward - buy Banjolele strings for the correct length and tension (Aquila make a set). Tie knots in one end and hook them in the tail piece, then wind to pegs like any other uke


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