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10 Dec 2017

Mugig MUK-2 Cutaway Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Back to China again for this ukulele review with a brand name not really known to me before now. That brand is Mugig and this is their Cutaway Mahogany Concert uke.

Mugig MUK-2 Concert Ukulele

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4 Dec 2017

Why Are You Treating Your Ukulele Like A Museum Piece? RANT

One of the more common questions I see from new ukulele players on the many forums around on social media relates to minor bits of damage and strumming marks, and more particular, how they can prevent them. What's going on here? Why the desire to keep a ukulele in shop condition?

damaged ukulele
credit - Marc Gallagher

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3 Dec 2017

Isuzi QM-T Ukulele - REVIEW

A completely new ukulele brand for Got A Ukulele this week with a model that will shortly be with dealers. It's the QM-T Tenor Ukulele from Isuzi.

isuzi qm-t ukulele

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26 Nov 2017

Kamoa E3-GC Grand Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Something a little different this week with a brand I really should feature more on Got A Ukulele. It's the E3-GC Grand Concert from Kamoa Ukuleles.

Kamoa E3-GC Ukulele

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25 Nov 2017

Aquila Sugar Ukulele Strings - TEST

Ahh ukulele strings. The bane of uke discussion forums worldwide. Still, we all have our favourites and love checking out new releases. I've therefore been lucky to be sent an advance sample of a brand new line of ukulele strings developed by Aquila. Say hello to the new Aquila 'Sugar' strings.

Aquila Sugar Ukulele Strings

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18 Nov 2017

Romero Creations TT Tiny Tenor Spruce / Mahogany Ukulele - REVIEW

Got A Ukulele likes things that are a bit different, and this week we certainly have that. It's a Tiny Tenor Ukulele from Romero Creations.

Romero Creations Tiny Tenor Ukulele

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11 Nov 2017

VTAB FL-T15 Tenor Ukulele - REVIEW

I'm pleased to be welcoming back a ukulele brand I first looked at in the middle of 2017 with very pleasing results. That brand is VTAB, and this is their FL-T15 Tenor Ukulele.

VTAB FL-T15 Tenor ukulele

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4 Nov 2017

Ken Timms Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

It's been something of a goal of mine for quite some time to own a ukulele from this builder, and recently I was lucky enough to snag one. Say hello to my new handmade mahogany soprano ukulele from Mr Ken Timms.

Ken Timms Mahogany Soprano

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31 Oct 2017

Got A Ukulele Merch now on Amazon

OK, it's an area I am struggling with - how to find the most cost effective way of bringing the Got A Ukulele readers the fairest prices / delivery / quality on products. As you probably know, there have been a few trialled on this site.

got a ukulele shirt

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28 Oct 2017

Flight DUC460 AMARA Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

It had been a while since I featured a Flight brand ukulele on the reviews page, but pleased to do so again with this rather pretty example. The DUC460 Amara Concert Ukulele.

Flight DUC460 Ukulele

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21 Oct 2017

Sigma SUM-2S Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

I don't know whether it's a result of my personal passion for them or just that the ukulele market is stronger in them generally, but it's time to look at yet another mahogany soprano. This time it's the very Martin-esque Sigma SUM-2S Soprano Ukulele

Sigma SUM-2S Soprano Ukulele

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15 Oct 2017

Got A Ukulele and Copyright

It's really sad to have to post this, but I am getting really tired of other websites using my content without my permission. It stinks. And even more sadly, writing this post won't change a damn thing.

The thing is, I am not a business. I don't have a team of lawyers, so there is little you can do when it DOES happen, but equally there is something else I want to point out. And that's that I am not trying to come across like some restrictive loon in stopping people using things. I want to be fair.

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