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18 Feb 2018

Eddy Finn EF-MOON Ukulele - REVIEW

Another first for a ukulele brand I have known for many years, but not managed to feature on the website until now. I'm pleased to welcome Eddy Finn to Got A Ukulele with one of their new offerings - the EF-MOON Ukulele.

Eddy Finn EF-MOON Ukulele

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10 Feb 2018

Kamaka HF-1 Standard Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

It's been a long while coming, and it's a brand name I am regularly asked to feature on Got A Ukulele. Several years in and we got there at last with Kamaka. So this week I am looking at their HF-1 'Standard' (Soprano) Ukulele.

Kamaka HF-1 Standard Ukulele

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4 Feb 2018

Seagull Uke Steel SG Burst EQ Electro Soprano - REVIEW

A somewhat unusual review for Got A Ukulele this week, but one I have been looking forward to playing. It's the Uke Steel from Seagull guitars, or to give it it's more cumbersome, full name, the 'Seagull Uke Steel SG burst EQ Electro Acoustic Soprano Ukulele'.

Seagull Uke Steel Ukulele

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28 Jan 2018

Tanglewood TWT 13E Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

I'm always pleased to feature a brand I have known for some time on the ukulele reviews page, but haven't had chance to before. This week that honour goes to Tanglewood guitars and a model from their new range of 'Tiare' instruments, the TWT13E Electro Concert Ukulele.

Tanglewood TWT13E Ukulele

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13 Jan 2018

Snail SUC-M3 Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

It's always a pleasure to get a brand back on Got A Ukulele that has impressed me before, and I'm pleased to be doing that this week. This one though is something of a step up  from what I have previously looked at. It's the SUC-M3 Concert from Snail Ukuleles.

Snail MUC-M3 Concert Ukulele

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6 Jan 2018

Martin Smith UK-212 Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

A first for this brand on the Got A Ukulele Reviews page, and without wishing to pre-judge things, it's one I've been putting off for quite some time. Say hello to the Martin Smith UK-212 Soprano ukulele.

Martin Smith UK-212 Ukulele

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29 Dec 2017

Got A Ukulele Best Of 2017

At this time, I usually put up my 'my Got A Ukulele review of the year', in which I look back over my favourite ukulele features that were published month by month. But that seems a little pointless this time around as you will see!

VTAB Concert Ukulele

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23 Dec 2017

Laka VUC50EA Electro Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Something of a 'not quite a new brand' to the Got A Ukulele reviews page this week. That brand is Laka and this is their VUC50EA.

Laka VUC50EA Ukulele

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17 Dec 2017

Luna Honu Turtle Soprano Ukulele - REVIEW

A return to the Got A Ukulele reviews pages for a uke brand that always gets talked about due to their striking looks and prevalence. That brand is Luna, and this week we look at their Honu Turtle Soprano ukulele.

Luna Honu Soprano Ukulele

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10 Dec 2017

Mugig MUK-2 Cutaway Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

Back to China again for this ukulele review with a brand name not really known to me before now. That brand is Mugig and this is their Cutaway Mahogany Concert uke.

Mugig MUK-2 Concert Ukulele

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4 Dec 2017

Why Are You Treating Your Ukulele Like A Museum Piece? RANT

One of the more common questions I see from new ukulele players on the many forums around on social media relates to minor bits of damage and strumming marks, and more particular, how they can prevent them. What's going on here? Why the desire to keep a ukulele in shop condition?

damaged ukulele
credit - Marc Gallagher

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3 Dec 2017

Isuzi QM-T Ukulele - REVIEW

A completely new ukulele brand for Got A Ukulele this week with a model that will shortly be with dealers. It's the QM-T Tenor Ukulele from Isuzi.

isuzi qm-t ukulele

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