Planning a uke festival for 2014? Get in touch with details for a free listing.  Hope to see you at one of these events? If you are learning how to play the ukulele, then get along to one of these.

This is a work in progress - please send me your details for a free listing!


(Page last updated 22 July 2014)

Note! - some website links are still pointing to previous years festival sites, but I am informed by organisers that dates below are correct and new festival information will appear on the links in due course.


Allegheny Ukulele Soiree

Where: Misciana Center For Performing Art, Pennsylvania, USA
When: February 2
Featuring: TBC

Blue Mountains Ukulele Festival

Where: Carrington Hotel, Katoomba, Australia
When: February 7-9
Featuring: The Blue MUG's

Thailand Ukulele Festival

Where: Parc Paragon, Bangkok, Thailan
When: February 22-24
Featuring: TBC


Ukes For UNICEF 2014

Where: Berkhamstead Civic Centre, Berkhamstead, UK
When: March 1
Featuring: The Fog, Kapiolani Boys, Sam Brown, Sunnyside Serenaders, Ken Middleton, UkieToonies, Keef Jackman, BURP, David Powell, BSUS, Ver Players, Krabbers.

14th Annual Waikoloa Ukulele Festival

Where: Waikoloa Beach Resort, Hawaii, USA
When: March 1
Featuring: TBC

Melbourne Ukulele Festival

Where: Northcote Town Hall, Melbourne, Australia
When: March 7-9
Featuring: TBC

Vancouver Ukulele Festival

Where: St James Hall, Vancouver, Canada
When: March 8-9
Featuring: TBC

Cardiff Ukulele Festival

Where: St Davids Hall, Cardiff, UK
When: March 22
Featuring: TBC

Ukulele Fest South Florida 2014

Where: Esplanade Park, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
When: March 28 - 30
Featuring: Manitoba Hal, Sarah Maisel, Craig Chee, Amanda Lynn, Steve Boisen


Ukulele Festival Of Northern California

Where: Chabot College Campus, Hayward, California
When: April 6
Featuring: TBC

4th Annual Reno Ukulele Festival

Where: John Ascuaga's Nugget, Reno, Nevada, USA
When: April 24-27
Featuring: Daniel Ho, Leftover Cuties, Gerald Ross, Jim D'Ville


Mighty Uke Day IV

Where: Old Town Lansing, MI, USA
When: May 9-10
Featuring: Sarah Maisel, Craig Chee

The 2nd SW Uke Jam

Where: Hawkesbury Village Hall, Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK
When: May 26-27
Featuring: Club performances

N'Ukefest 2014 (The third N'Ukefest!)
Where: Cotton Arms PH, Wrenbury, Cheshire
When: 16-18 May
Featuring: Phil Doleman, Chonkinfeckle, Krabbers, The N'Ukes, Ooty And The Cloud


Where: Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford, Essex
When: 17 May
Featuring TBC
Website: TBC

Paris Ukulele Boudoir Festival

Where: La Bellevilloise, Paris, France
When: 17 May
Featuring: TBC
Website: TBC

Ashokan Uke Fest 2014

Where: Ashokan Centre, Olivebridge, New York, USA
When: 23-26 May
Featuring: Sarah Maisel, Jim D'Ville, Lil' Rev, Gerald Ross, Cathy Fink, Ruthy Ungar

5th Annual West Coast Ukulele Retreat

Where: Asilomar, Monterey Bay, California, USA
When: May 28 - June 1
Featuring: Heidi Swedberg, James Hill, Daniel Ward

California Ukulele Academy

Where: San Bernardino, CA, USA
When: May 29 - June 1
Featuring: Lil' Rev


Ukulele World Congress VI

Where: 4600 Plum Creek Road, Needmore, Indiana, USA
When: June 6-7
Featuring: TBC

York Ukulele Festival

Where: TBC
When: June 14
Featuring: TBC
Website: TBC

Ukulele Festival Of Great Britain

Where: Cheltenham Town Hall, Cheltenham, UK
When: June 20-22
Featuring: Taimaine Gardner, Sarah Maisel, Craig Chee and more!

Caldogno Ukulele Meeting

Where: Caldogno, Italy
When: June 20
Featuring: TBC

Mandorah Ukulele and Folk Festival - MUFF

Where: Mandorah, Australia
When: June 28
Featuring: TBC

Haworth Ukulele Group Extravaganza (H.U.G.E)

Where: Old School Rooms, Church St, Haworth, UK
When: June 28-29
Featuring: Workshops, local groups, jams, open mic, Ukulele Steam Train Special!


Cairns Ukulele Festival

Where: Cairns, Austrailia
When: July 3-6
Featuring: Abe Lagrimas Jr, Daniel Ho


Where: Rue Du Haut Du Mont, Charmois Devant Bruyères, France
When: 4-6 July
Featuring: TBC

Mighty MO Uke Fest

Where: Cedar Creek Conference Center, St Louis, MO, USA
When: July 10-13
Featuring: Brook Adams, Flea Bitten Dawgs

Biddulph Ukulele Day

Where: Biddulph Arms / Biddulph Town Hall, Biddulph
When: July 12
Featuring: The N'Ukes
Website: TBC

Leamington Spa Ukulele Festival

Where: Leamington Spa, UK
When: July 12
Featuring: TBC

York Ukulele Festival

Where: York, UK
When: July 12
Featuring: TBC
Website: TBC

Ukulele University

Where: Redmond, Oregon, USA
When:18-20 July
Featuring: TBC

44th Annual Oahu Ukulele Festival

Where: Kapiolani Park, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii
When: July 20
Featuring: TBC

Hollesley Ukulele Jamboree

Where: Hollesley, Suffolk UK
When: July 25-27
Website: TBC

2nd Czech Ukulele Festival

Where: Únētice, Prague, Czech Republic
When: July 26-27
Featuring: Chonkinfeckle


Where: Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, Essex
When: July 26
Featuring: TBC
Website: TBC


Oakridge Ukulele Festival

Where: Oakridge, Oregon, USA
When: August 1-3
Featuring: TBC

Midwest Uke Fest

Where: Woodburn, Fort Wayne, IN, USA
When: August 3-4
Featuring: Gerald Ross,

Ukulele By The Sea

Where: Dun Laoghaire. Ireland
When: August 23-24
Featuring: TBC


Centrum's Port Townsend Ukulele Festival

Where: Centrum, Port Townsend, Washington USA
When: September 3-7
Featuring: TBC

Grand Northern Ukulele Festival

Where: Huddersfield Town Hall, Huddersfield, UK
When: September 13-14
Featuring: Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain, Andy Eastwood, Chonkinfeckle, Mother Ukers, Tricity Vogue, Workshops and more!

Blackwater Ukulele Festival

Where: Cypress Gardens, FL, USA
When: September 13
Featuring: TBC

Tunes In The Dunes IV

Where: Westwind, Oregon, USA
When: September 19-21
Featuring: TBC

Dock St Uke Camp

Where: Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada
When: September 19-21
Featuring: Tim Sweeney, Nigel E'On, Rev Hank Mumps, Manitoba Hal

2nd Ohio Ukulele Campout

Where: Loudonville Ohio, USA
When: 26-27 September
Featuring: TBC

Albuquerque Ukekopelli Festival

Where: Albuquerque, New Mexico
When: September 26-27
Featuring: Lil' Rev, Heidi Swedberg

Utah Ukulele Festival

Where: Willow Park, Logan, Utah, USA
When: 27 September
Featuring: TBC



Where: Interlochen, Michigan, USA
When: 4 October
Featuring: Gerald Ross, Danielle Ate The Sandwich, Ben Hassenger

Uketown 2014

Where: Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
When: 5 October
Featuring: TBC

Thailand Ukulele Festival 3

Where: Parc Paragon, Bangkok, Thailand
When: October 19-20
Featuring: TBC

Uke East

Where: Hellesdon Community Centre, Norwich, UK
When: October 25
Featuring: Sophie Madeleine, Phil Doleman


Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway

Where: Tampa Bay, Florida, USA
When: 7-9 November
Featuring: Victoria Vox, Lil' Rev, Narciso Lobo, Uncle Elvis

Ukulele Heaven International Convention

Where: Auckland, New Zealand
When: November 14-15
Featuring: TBC

Milwaukee Uke Fest

Where: Sunset Playhouse, Elm Grove, Milwaukee, USA
When: November 22
Featuring: Flea Bitten Dawgs, Lil' Rev, Seeso, Mitch Chang, Stu Fuchs


My Big Fat Greek Ukulele Adventure

Where: Askeli Beach, Poros Beach, Greece
When: September 19 2015
Featuring: Seeso, Matt Lindahl


Marilyn said...

Thanks for this feature! Found the Port Townsend Festival (their first) and already signed myself and hubby up. Dates are Sept 11-15.

Maybe at the top of the page you could put "Page last updated on..." comment so folks don't have to scroll down re-reading when checking back.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

A truly helpfull resource, thankyou for doing this for everyone. What a line up of festivals we have.

Barry Maz said...

My pleasure - yeah looks to be a good year already. I will be at the UK Festival!

Annie Blackburn said...

Thank you for posting these Festivals. I'm wondering if you have a Facebook Page. Seems it would be very popular. I'll try finding you on Facebook. Again, thanks for sharing all of this.

uke fest gb said...

Thanks for all of your hard work compiling the fest list and especially for including Uke Fest GB.

Barry Maz said...

No problem at all guys - looking forward to Cheltenham!

lemmozine said...
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GC said...

A fantastic site. Is there a forum? I came upon the site by chance as I was looking for the uke chords to "Kiss of Love" and got completely distracted. As a result I can't find the chords - any suggestions?
PS Am completely new to the ukulele. Am a drummer.

Barry Maz said...

Sorry - no forum. But I'd recommend Ukulele Underground for that. You'll find me there under name bazmaz.

Lou Kelly said...

This is a great start to finding when and where festivals are on around the globe. I teach 200 students per year (beginners) on ukulele in a high school in Sydney, Australia.

I'm really keen to get a group of students out to some festivals, with a longer-term vision of travelling somewhere more exotic as an incentive.

Wish me luck in getting a bunch of teenagers on the road. I have no problem getting them enthused to play the instrument... just getting them to want to come out on their weekends.. and even bigger difficulties cutting through the red-tape to be allowed to take students out to anything!

Anonymous said...

Can you help me verify the official 2014 Ukulene Day? Is Feb. 2 or May 2, 2014 National Ukulene Day? Is the observance called World Ukulene Day or National Play Your Ukulene Day?
Writer C. Clancy, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Love the site. Will you/or have you got a 2014 timetable ready. Cheers. Jo

Barry Maz said...

Will start pulling that together toward end of this year

Anonymous said...

You have the D'Ukulele festival listed as 26th July at Queen's Theatre when in fact this is just an ordinary gig for the D'Ukes. According to their website ( the festival is on Saturday 17th May at the Cramphorn theatre in Chelmsford.

Barry Maz said...

This was the date they sent me

JCMcGee said...

Any contacts in Portugal?
I'd love to go to a uke or cavaquinho fest over there.

Andrew said...

Can I get a listing added for the Mandorah Ukulele and Folk Festival please? 28th and 29th June 2014, Mandorah, NT, Australia, 11am until late, Camping, Bar, food, and open mike, Bosko and Honey, Renee Searles and Kahiwa Sebire are the main bill, a strum workshop, luthier on-site and a hawaiian skirt dance competiiton, we also have face painting, henna tattooing and a community loudest singing event and its a FREE event....facebook page is

halcyonuke said...

Good Morning!
Silver Creek International Ukulele Carnival
August 22-24, 2014
Two Harbors, Minnesota

UkeCan1 said...

You left off UkeFest NJ - August 29-31 in Morristown, NJ!

Anonymous said...

Central Coast Ukulele Festival 25, 26, 27, 28 September at The Entrance Central Coast NSW
Thursday workshop and show with AJ Leonard @ The Diggers door entry $20
Friday Dinner show @ the Diggers Bosko & Honey, Mic Conway, Michael Jones, Mirrabooka, Ohana $60 for dinner show tickets available at the Diggers 433233399. Saturday 27 Sunday 28 Free ukulele workshop, performances and fun cheer Central Coast

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