Some of my favourite places to visit in ukulele land! A mix of ukulele interest sites, and those of ukers who I have either seen, played or conversed with over the years. If you are learning how to play the ukulele, then you should bookmark these sites!

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There are a TON of ukulele acts out there, and this is not a page to list them all. Just some links of performers I have either seen in the flesh or just enjoy generally. (For generally, read 'massively')

ANDYDAN - Ukulele synth sounds like you won't have heard before!

ANDY EASTWOOD - a total musical virtuoso and one of the hardest working players on the circuit. Ukulele, banjolele, violin - Andy can play just about anything!

THE ANYTHING GOES ORCHESTRA - one of the best good time ukulele bands I have seen live. Huge fun

CHEE MAISEL - The sublime pairing of man and wife duo, Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel. Marriage made in heaven, literally!

CHONKINFECKLE - The Wigan based uke masters and good friends of Got A Ukulele

DANIELLE ATE THE SANDWICH - great US singer songwriter and ukulele, what a beautiful voice

DEAD MANS UKE - offshoot of the Anything Goes Orchestra - Americana, blues played on reso uke and double bass by father and son duo, Tim and Jake Smithies

DEL REY - Resonator Ukulele and Guitar Specialist - A real players player who wowed the crowd at her recent UK performances

ELOF and WAMBERG - Danish duo with a beguiling mx of the traditional with modern. Spellbinding

FRANCESCO ALBERTAZZI - Italian ukulele player I have been lucky to see perform a couple of times now. His playing is so beautiful it has the audience emotional.

GERALD ROSS - something of a statesman amongst ukulele performers these days. Another real players player

JAKE SHIMABUKURO - Yes him - Bohemian Rhapsody guy.... More to him than just that video though, and if anyone is breaking the mould with the ukulele, it's Jake.

JAMES HILL - staggeringly good Canadian player and jolly nice chap to boot.

KATY VERNON - UK born, US based singer songwriter on both guitar and ukulele

KRABBERS - Quite simply one of the best singer songwriters I know on the circuit and one half of The Hedge Inspectors.

LIAM CAPPER-STARR - great player and songwriter, and brains behind the UkeEast festival.

MANITOBA HAL BROLUND - Wonderful wonderful blues man from Canada - can play the blues on a ukulele like the best bluesman of ANY instrument you will hear

MIKE HIND - Uncle Elvis himself. The man from Bermuda with the bright trousers - what a great performer!

MIKE WARREN - home page of the hugely respected banjolele performer and tutor

MOTHER UKERS - Pioneers of ukular fusion!

NO DIRECTION HOT BOYS - One of the most entertaining acts I have seen on the circuit

OPERALELE - Fabulous duo of George Bartle and Mandi Harkett - unlike anything you've seen before!

PETER MOSS - fabulous uke player, particularly banjolele. PLEASE NOTE - Peter is a good friend of the uke world and NOT the chap behind the TUKUO uke orchestra hitting the press lately!

PHIL DOLEMAN - UK based, superb finger style jazz player, tutor, singer, all round good egg. Heck, Phil has talent.

PROFESSOR PETER - Originally a member of the duo 'Professor Peter and Doctor Dick', The Professor is now performing his songs from the twenties and thirties as a solo act. He's also a jolly nice chap!

THE PUKES - breaking the shackles of traditional ukulele music. Sublime punk.. on ukuleles!

THE QUIET AMERICAN - superb Americana from the US duo that is Aaron and Nicole Keim

ROBIN EVANS ESQ - Lover of hip hop, lover of a sweary tune and holder of the Guinness World Record for ukulele playing!

SAMANTHA MUIR - sublime classical ukulele player who has been wowing crowds at her recent festival appearances

SARAH MAISEL - the voice of an angel, a good friend, smooth jazzy ukulele performer

SOME LIKE IT OSSETT - Cracking quartet with sublime vocals from Jacqui Wicks

TRICITY VOGUE - Outstanding performer in a variety of glamorous guises. You will love her live shows.

UKULELE BARTT - the legend that is.. etc etc

UOGB - Gods! - These guys are the originals - accept no substitutes. None. None whatsoever. The ultimates!

UKULELE UFF and LONESOME DAVE - now performing in a ukulele and guitar trio, these Liverpool based lads just ooze swing and talent.

UKEPUNK - Great trio and writers of self penned ukulele punk tracks.

UNPLUGTHEWOOD - The home of many wondrous things including Krabbers, The Hedge Inspectors and the Unplugthewood Podcast!

ZOË BESTEL - What a voice, what a voice. Hauntingly beautiful and quite handy with a ukulele too!



RICHARD G'S UKULELE SONGBOOK - massive list of great tunes for uke (and, having played with him, a thoroughly nice fella too!)


COOL CAT UKES - enthusiast site with some nice reviews, great video interviews and a cat!

DOMINATOR UKULELE TABS - another great song resource from a guy who KNOWS (and builds) ukuleles

DOCTOR UKE - masses of songs, many old timer tunes



GET TUNED - online uke tuner

HUMBLE UKER - great uke blog

JIM'S UKULELE SONGBOOK SITE - Homepage for the MASSIVE songbook put together by Jim Carey

LARDY'S UKULELE DATABASE - the largest database of ukulele brands that I have ever seen!

MIGHTY UKULELE - loads of UK links to clubs and events


ORIGINAL UKULELE SONGS - Excellent project spearheaded by Nick Cody of The Small Change Diaries

PLAY UKULELE BY EAR - Jim D'Ville's well known site

RGT Ukulele Tutors and exams

SCHOOL OF UKE - Tuition classes from the Duke Of Uke store

TIKI KING - great resource and enormous list of uke knowledge

UKEONOMICS - Ukulele blog

Uke4U - site with blog and some cool uke Apps too

UKULELE-ARTS - Wilfried Welti's solo ukulele page

UKULELE CHORDS - great chord resource

UKULELE GO - New (ish) ukulele blog with some great content


UKULELE GHETTO - another great review site

UKULELE INSPIRED - John Nash's site, who's main goal is to provide information and inspire ukulele players


UKULELE TABS - the original and huge tabs database - again, beware imitators..

UKULELE TRICKS - great lesson site - brought to you by Brett McQueen

UKULELE TUTORIAL - Great site comprising videos, tutorials and much other ukulele, edited by John Tribe

UKE HUNT - the DADDY of uke sites. If you play the ukulele and haven't visited this site, then you must be clinically dead!

UKE PORN - great image rich uke blog

UKULELE REVIEW - more uke reviews



YOUKULELE - great Italian ukulele site

Ukulele Products (For Ukulele brand links CLICK HERE )


HOMESTEAD MUSIC - sheet music for vocal and ukulele



UKE MAGAZINE - First print mag for the United Kingdom


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