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4 Jun 2016

Got A Ukulele Gets Around

I was delighted to see this picture appear on Facebook the other day for a whole heap of reasons, and not just because there is a Got A Ukulele T Shirt in the picture!

pUKEs Paul Redfern in a Got A Ukulele Shirt
Credit - Liam Capper-Starr

First of all - that fine fellow in the photograph is Paul Redfern - ukulele player and performer in one of my favourite outifts that I have featured on this site many times - The pUKEs!

Second of all, the photograph was part of a series of wonderful shots taken by another ukulele player, the supremely talented Liam Capper-Starr - performer in his own right and organiser of the much lauded Uke-East Festival. Incidentally - Liam has a new full album out now which you can find on that first link!

The third reason is a sadder one - it was taken at GNUF and I wasn't able to go. Still - nice when things from friends come together like this!

Thanks both!


  1. Met Paul for the first time this GNUF - top feller

  2. Had you not met him at one of the N'Ukefests Jim?


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