Days Like These - Billy Bragg - Ukulele Chords

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5 May 2015

Days Like These - Billy Bragg - Ukulele Chords

Election fever in the UK, so this seemed kind of appropriate. Enjoy. Video at the end to play along to.

Chords and lyrics for educational purposes only

The [G] Party that became so [Em] powerful
by [Am] sinking foreign [C] boats
Is [G] dreaming up new [Em] promises
'cause [Am] promises win [A7] votes

[D] Being resolute in [Em] conference
with the [C] ad mans expert [Am] ise
The [B] majority by their [C] silence
shall [D] pay for days like these

The [G] right to build [Em] communities
is [Am] back behind [C] closed doors
'Tween [G] government and [Em] people stands
the [Am] right arm of the [A7] law

And [D] Shame upon the [Em] patriot
when the [C] mark of the bulldog [Am] breed
Is a [B] family with [C] out a home
and a [D] pensioner in need

Those whose [G] lives are ruled by [Em] dogma
Are [Am] waiting for a [C] sign
The [G] 'better dead than [Em] red brigade'
are [Am] listening on the [A7] line.

And the [D] liberal with a [Em] small 'l'
Cries in [C] front of the T [Am]V
And a[B] nother demonst [C] ration
passes [D] on to history [G] [Em] [Am] [C]

[G] [Em] [Am] [A7]

[D]Peace, bread, work and [Em] freedom
is the [C] best we can ach [Am] ieve
[B] Wearing badges is [C] not enough
[D] on Days Like [G] these.


  1. I really enjoyed listening to this, and am really happy to have the words and chords to try it out myself! Thank you!


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