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29 Apr 2014

The Importance of Ukulele Nut Width - Beginners Tips

Another ukulele beginners tip video - looking at how ukulele nut widths vary, and how they affect space on the fingerboard.

I regularly see people advising beginners that they should definitely buy a concert over a soprano as they are 'easier' to play. I personally find nut width has far more impact.


  1. I am a beginner uke player, and having practiced on several different instruments, I firmly believe that the nut width is the most important part when starting out. Smaller ukes are also easier to hold, which was an issue for me when changing chords.

  2. I'm not sure we are on the same page here are we? I prefer wider nuts!

  3. Also important is string separation at the bridge, for fingerpicking.

  4. Yes true - but less so for the impact that has on space on the fingerboard


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