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10 Nov 2013

Ukulele News - 10 November 2013

Here is the next round up of worldwide ukulele news over the last fortnight.. Something of a vibe of festival reviews in this one.

A look at the Roy Sakuma's Hawaiian Ukulele Festival.. (the 43rd!!!!)


Say hello to Chantelle Pasquale - has a new charity single out.


The Little Things


Kids learning ukulele - great stuff


A look at the first Philippines Ukulele Festival


Ukes at the Bendigo Blues Roots and Music Festival - (plus one of The N'Ukes was there!)


And a look back at the Liverpool Ukulele Ceilidh in Nova Scotia


More news soon!


  1. At the end of the "Little Things" segment the blond anchor woman says "You don't thing you'd get that much out of a ukulele". Ouch!


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