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23 Nov 2013

I Am The Doctor (Doctor Who) - Al Wood

I'm going totally against my own better judgement here - I am NO fan of Dr Who, and commented on social media only this morning that I have Who Overload... However, I think this probably needs sharing - The theme for Matt Smith's Doctor performed by Al Wood of Uke Hunt.

And Al has put up tabs for you to give this a try yourself HERE


  1. Thanks, Baz! I'm actually more a fan of Dr Who music than the show as well.

  2. I use to watch Dr Who from time to time years ago here in states on our PBS channels. Never really got into it like some friends did. I was more of a Benny Hill and Are You Being Served fan. :-) Enjoyed this video. What a beautiful unique looking ukulele he's playing.

  3. Cheers Al! And Doc - he's playing a Koaloha Sceptre


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