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15 Sep 2013

Ukulele News 15 September 2013

Been a while since the last edition of ukulele news, so let's take a look back over the last couple of weeks.

ukulele news

Apologies to the East Pasco club, but why oh why do uke players like to dumb the instrument down? I quote "with the ukulele you can make mistakes".... You can?


Not often I see something on Kickstarter and actually like it.


I know some of the HUGS - good press coverage guys!


Fender release Jimmy Stafford signature uke... (yawn....)


A ukulele article in the Copenhagen Post.. they manage to mention George Formby and Tiny Tim in the first paragraph, Jake Shimabukuro in the second...


Yet another world record attempt coming


Yay! Flight of The Conchords Bret McKenzie is now Ambassador for the New Zealand Ukulele Trust!


More news soon!


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