Just Like Heaven - The Cure - Ukulele Chords

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17 Jul 2013

Just Like Heaven - The Cure - Ukulele Chords

Well, I had a huge response to the ukulele chords I put up for the Cure song Boys Don't Cry, so lets go with another - Just Like Heaven.

Now you will find a lot of uke chords for this song on the net that have been transposed to avoid the E chord. I was going to do the same, but thought, hang on - I shouldn't be encouraging people to play the E chord. I know it is difficult but it's better to get it nailed than not, trust me.

The song is pretty much based around one pattern of A (2100), E (4442), Bm (4222) and D (2225). When you move from the Bm to the D, it's important in this song that you play the D correctly with that note on the fifth fret, rather than a lazy D in order to sound a difference between the two chords.


[A] [E] [Bm] [D] x 2

Show me show me [A] Show me how you [E] do that trick
The [Bm] one that makes me [D] scream she said,
The [A] one that makes me [E] laugh she said
and [Bm] threw here arms ar [D] ound my neck

[A] Show me how you [E] do it
And I [Bm] promise you I [D] promise that
I'll run a [A] way with you [E]
I'll run a [Bm] way with you [D]

[A] [E] [Bm] [D] x 2

[A] Spinning on that [E] dizzy edge
I  [Bm] kissed her face and [D] kissed her head
And [A] dreamed of all the [E] different ways
I [Bm] had to make her [D] glow

[A] Why are you so [E] far away
She [Bm] said, why won't you [D] ever know
That I'm in [A] love with you [E]
That I'm in [Bm] love with you [D]

[F#m] You [G] soft and only
[F#m] you [G] lost and lonely
[F#m] you [G] strange as angels
[D] Dancing in the deepest oceans
[E] Twisting in the water, you're just like a

[A] dream [E] [Bm] [D]
Just like a [A] dream [E] [Bm] [D]

[A] [E] [Bm] [D] x4

[A] Daylight licked me [E] into shape
I [Bm] must have been as [D]leep for days
And [A] moving lips to [E] breathe her name
I [Bm] opened up my [D] eyes

And [A] found myself [E] alone alone
A [Bm] lone above a [D] raging sea
That [A] stole the only [E] girl I loved
And [Bm] drowned her deep in [D] side of me

[F#m] You [G] soft and only
[F#m] you [G] lost and lonely
[F#m] you [G] Just Like Heaven [D]


  1. It's so wild that you posted this. I was just listening to this song this morning. Serendipity ~ Thanks for the chords!

  2. Terrific, thank you!

    Lots of fun to play and sing (and I always appreciate a proper ending, as opposed to a fade-out).

    (and yes, very true about practicing the E chord... I've been working on a version of 'Where did you sleep' {the Leadbelly/Nirvana/Traditional song} that has plenty of E chords in it - it's the only version that has the right feel)


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