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24 Mar 2013

Ukulele News 24 March 2013

Another look at what has been happening in the ukulele world in the last week.

ukulele news

Ukulele Gangsters


Compulsory Shimabukuro story of the week..... (wish they'd do a feature on someone else for a change when talking about the uke)


Say hello to The D'Ukes


Is this actually a story? "Man tries to learn to play ukulele".....


Obit for Frank Leong


Striking the right chord (and other such pun soundbites...)


No hang on, someone else has used that headline... oh go on then...


More kids playing ukes - The future is bright!


More next week!


  1. Aloha Barry, I am wondering if you could feature just people in general who are making a difference in their sharing of the ukulele around the world?

  2. I do try to do that Nani - always try to get a new club or band article up, or schools teaching uke, that sort of thing


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