21 Nov 2012

No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley - Ukulele Chords

Love this song (and who doesn't?) - No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley. Works nicely on ukulele with a slow skanky strum.

Like a lot of Reggae, it follows a pretty simple and repeating pattern. The basic chord progression throughout is C, G, Am, F.  At the end of the second part of each chorus however the progression changes to a quick C, F, C, G, C with strums in time with the vocal of '[C]no [F]wo [C]man [G]no [C]cry'.  For the change from Am to F, just hammer on to the F from the Am with a finger at the E string 1st fret.


C, G, Am, F
C, F, C, G, C...... G

[C]No [G]woman, no[Am] cry [F]
[C]No [F]wo [C]man, [G]no[C] cry [G]
[C]No [G]woman, no[Am] cry [F]
[C]No [F]wo [C]man, [G]no[C] cry [G]

[C]Said I re [G] member [Am]when we used to [F]sit
[C]In the govern [G] ment yard in [Am]Trenchtown [F]
[C]Oba, ob-[G]serving all the [Am] hypocrites [F]
As they would [C]mingle with the [G]good people we [Am]meet [F]

[C]Good friends we have [G] had, oh good [Am]friends we've [F]lost
[C]a [G]long the [Am]way [F]
[C]In this bright [G] future you [Am]can't forget your [F]past
[C]So [G] dry your tears I [Am]say [F]

[C]No [G]woman, no [Am]cry [F]
[C]No [F] wo [C]man, [G]no [C]cry  [G]
[C]Oh my Little [G] darling, [Am]don't shed no [F]tears
[C]No [F]wo [C]man, [G]no [C]cry [G]

[C]Said I re [G]member [Am]when we used to [F]sit
[C]In the govern [G]ment yard in [Am]Trenchtown [F]
[C]And then [G]Georgie would [Am]make the fire[F]light
[C]Log wood [G]burnin' through the [Am]night  [F]

[C]Then we would [G]cook corn meal [Am]porridge [F]
[C] Of [G]which I'll share with [Am]you [F]
[C]My [G]feet is my [Am]only carriage [F]
[C]So I've [G]got to push on [Am]through But while I'm [F] gone...

[C] Everything's gonna [G]be alright
[Am]Everything's gonna [F]be alright
[C]Everythings gonna [G] be alright
[Am]Everything's gonna [F]be alright
[C] Everything's gonna [G]be alright
[Am]Everything's gonna [F]be alright
[C]Everythings gonna [G] be alright
[Am]Everything's gonna [F]be alright

[C]No woman, no cry [G] [Am] [F]
No, no [C]woman, no [F]wo [C]man, [G]no [C]cry [G]
[C]Oh, little [G]sister, [Am]don't she'd no [F]tears
[C]No [F]wo [C] man, [G]no [C]cry

C. G, Am, F
C, F, C, G, C....G

Repeat to fade, or repeat the chorus as you wish!


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