30 Nov 2012

Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid - Ukulele Chords

Another Christmas tune for ukulele - and one to make us all think a little about those less fortunate. For my US readers - this was the UK single to support Band Aid and Live Aid in the 1980's. If you can give a little for Christmas it will be appreciated by others less fortunate.

The N'Ukes will be singing this as part of our own Christmas Charity event on 19 December.

Do They know It‟s Christmas? - Band Aid 

[C] It's Christmas [F] time, there's no need to be [C] afraid.
At Christmas [F] time, we let in light and we [C] banish shade.
And in our [Dm] world of [G] plenty we can [C] spread a smile of [F] joy,
Throw your [Dm] arms around the [G] world at Christmas [C] time.

But say a [F] prayer; [G] pray for the [C] other ones,
At Christmas [F] time, it's [G] hard, but when you're [C] having fun
There's a [F] world outside your [G] window,
And it's a [C] world of dread and [F] fear,
Where the [Dm] only water [G] flowing
Is the [C] bitter sting of [F] tears.
And the [Dm] Christmas bells that [G] ring there
Are the [C] clanging chimes of [F] doom.
Well, [Dm] tonight thank God it's [G] them, instead of [C] you.

And there [F] won't be snow in [G] Africa this [C] Christmas time.
The [F] greatest gift they'll [G] get this year is [C] life. [C7]
Where [F] nothing ever [G] grows, no [C] rain nor rivers [F] flow,
[Dm] Do they know it's [G] Christmas time at [C] all?

[Am] Here's to you; [G] Raise a glass for everyone.
[Am] Here's to them; [G] Underneath that burning sun
[Dm] Do they know it's [G] Christmas time at [C] all?

[F][C] [C][F][C][F][C][Dm][G] x2

[C] Feed the [F] world! [C] [F][C]Dm][G]
[C] Feed the [F] world! [C] [F][C]Dm][G]
[C] Feed the [F] world! [C] [F] Let them [C] know it's [Dm] Christmas time [G] again!
[C] Feed the [F] world! [C] [F] Let them [C] know it's [Dm] Christmas time [G] again!
[C] Feed the [F] world! [C] [F] Let them [C] know it's [Dm] Christmas time [G] again! [C]


  1. Thanks for the chords! I've always enjoyed this song (and the "purpose" behind it).

  2. This sounds right lovely tune to play..


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