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5 Aug 2012

Ukulele News - 5 August 2012

It's news time again on Got A Ukulele - let's look what has been happening in the uke world this last week.

One of the best ukulele stories I have read in a long time first  - Matthew Mitcham - Olympic diver and one of the only openly gay athletes in the Olympics tells the world he plays uke.  Even better, he took his uke to the Olympics!


Want a new take on possibly one of the most over exposed songs in recent times? Go on then, just one more - actually six more


This is not the first time I've read a story about a ukulele as a weapon. What is wrong with people?


King Of The Ukulele


Review of Eddie Vedders ukulele show at the Hammersmith Apollo


800 children with ukuleles - great stuff!


Have a first listen to tracks from Jakes forthcoming 'Grand Ukulele' album. - have a listen to Island Fever Blues


More news next week!


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