Ukulele Chords - That's Entertainment - The Jam

Always cool when a song idea just drops in to place when jamming with your friends. Last night the N'Ukes just kind of worked this one out in the pub, so thought I would go to the trouble of getting the chords up.

Intro: G/// Em/// x2

[G]A police car and a [Em]screaming siren
[G]Pneumatic drill and [Em]ripped up concrete
[G]A baby wailing, [Em]stray dog howling
[G]The screech of brakes and [Em]lamp light blinking

[Am]That's enter[F]tainment, [Am]that's enter[F]tainment

G/// Em/// G/// Em///

[G]A smash of glass and a [Em]rumble of boots.
[G]An electric train and a [Em]ripped up phone booth.
[G]Paint splattered walls and the [Em]cry of a tom cat.
[G]Lights going out, a [Em]kick in the balls. I say.

[Am]That's enter [F]tainment. [Am]That's enter[F]tainment. [G]
[Em]La la [G]laaa
[Em]La la [G]laaa
[Em] La La [Am]la la [F]///

[G]Days of speed and [Em]slow time Mondays.
[G]Pissing down with rain on a [Em]boring Wednesday.
[G]Watching the news and not [Em]eating your tea.
[G]A freezing cold flat, with [Em]damp on the walls. I say 

[Am]That's enter[F]tainment. [Am]That's enter[F]tainment.

G/// Em/// G/// Em///

[G]Waking up at 6am on [Em] cool warm morning.
[G]Opening the windows and [Em]breathing in petrol.
[G]An amateur band rehearse in [Em]a near by yard.
[G]Watching the telly and [Em]thinking bout your holidays.

[Am]That's enter[F]tainment. [Am]That's enter[F]tainment. [G]
[Em]La la [G]laaa
[Em]La la [G]laaa
[Em] La La [Am]la la [F]///

[G]Waking up from bad dreams and [Em]smoking cigarettes.
[G]Cuddling a warm girl and [Em]smelling stale perfume.
[G]A hot summers day, [Em]and sticky black tarmac.
[G]Feeding ducks and [Em]wishing you were far away.

[Am]That's enter[F]tainment. [Am]That's enter[F]tainment.

G/// Em/// G/// Em///

[G]Two lovers kissing amongst the [Em]scream of midnight.
[G]Two lovers missing the [Em]tranquility of solitude.
[G]Getting a cab and [Em]travelling on buses.
[G]Reading the graffiti about [Em] slashed seat affairs. I say.

[Am]That's enter [F]tainment. [Am]That's enter[F]tainment. [G]
[Em]La la [G]laaa
[Em]La la [G]laaa
[Em] La La [Am]la la [F]///


Anonymous said...

nice posting. thanks for sharing

steve moorhead said...

...and thanks from me too. Love this song!

André Guyot said...

Great song from a great band. Thanks!

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