Ukulele News 3 June 2012

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3 Jun 2012

Ukulele News 3 June 2012

So what has been happening in ukulele world in the last seven days? Let's have a news roundup from around the globe.

Twee?? NOW it's an instrument for professionals?? I hate rubbish articles like this


New Zealander uses the ukulele to vent spleen at the Rena reef disaster


Had to share this as it was in my hometown - South Cheshire George Formby Society raise £250 for Help Fo Heroes


The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain begins. Wish I was there...


The Futulele goes live for iPad (want my opinion? I tried it, don't bother... in fact why play an iPad when you can play an actual ukulele??)


Queenie gets entertained by the Liverpool Ukulele Orchestra - wonder if she liked it?

More news next week!


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